Dr. Taseem Rahmani reacts strongly to the complaint filed against SP leader Azam Khan's mother

In Uttar Pradesh, KG Mishra, a deputy Tehsildar of Rampur, has also filed a lawsuit last night in the name of the late mother of Rampur MP Azam Khan. Late has been accused of defrauding the land of Rampur hanging house eleven years ago. Azam Khan's mother, the late Amir Jahan, died in July 2012 at the age of 92.

Responding to the complaint filed by BJP Tehsildar Akash Saxena, Deputy Tehsildar Rampur on 37 people including Latema and Azam Khan, Muslim Political Council of India President Dr Taslim Ahmad Rehmani said that perhaps the first in the country It will be six years after someone dies.

Dr Rahmani said that more than 80 cases to be filed against a political leader within two and a half months, such as goat theft and buffalo theft, prove their innocence. Dr. Rahmani demanded that the Tehsildar withdraw the case immediately.

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