Welcome to 'Hindu Pakistan'! ... Zafar Agha

"Modi is possible." Yes, in Narendra Modi's government, everything that is impossible is possible. Divorce arbitration, which was granted to Muslims at the time of constitutional independence, ended. The Indian Army and Parliament are regularly hoisting the flag in Kashmir. The rights granted to Muslims under the Muslim Personal Law will soon be abolished under the Common Civil Code. The Babri Masjid has already been demolished. Now, soon there are signs of Muslim ownership of the property in Ayodhya ending. It is likely that the Muslim party may lose the case or withdraw the case from the Supreme Court. If this does not happen, the RSS has opened the back door for reconciliation.

According to reports, the Sunni Waqf Board and some Hindu parties are ready for this. The Supreme Court has also allowed reconciliation. Some of the Muslim figures who had taken a harsh attitude in this matter have been presented to the court of Bhagwat by twisting their hands. Soon all such persons can also be silent in the Babri Masjid case, and just then a magnificent Ram temple will be built at the site of Babri Masjid in Ayodhya. Now, Singh and Modi have to decide whether they will use the Ram temple card to win the UP assembly elections just two years later, or the next Lok Sabha election will be won by the candidates of Bhagwan Ram. If there is any gap left in making a Muslim a second-class citizen, he is ready to impose NRC all over the country and abolish his right to citizenship. When he is no longer a citizen, he will remain in camps like Palestinians all over the country, and by voting, all his rights will be abolished and India will continue to be a regular Hindu national.

Yes, you are welcome in this Hindu nation. Whether or not anything else is possible in Modi's time, it is possible that India will become a regular Hindu nation. The rest is not possible because Narendra Modi, Mohan Bhagwat and Amit Shah are only interested in making this country a Hindu Rashtra. In other cases he is neither interested nor understood nor worried. According to the Times of India newspaper, India's finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman has presented the budget three times in seven months. Sometimes taxes are raised and sometimes taxes are reduced. Indian investors, in particular, are being given incentives in the coming days, while the common man is suffering from the widespread economic misery in the country whose example is not immediately found. Factories are shutting down in the country, there is a flood of unemployment, let those who did not have jobs, those who were employed are also becoming unemployed. Thousands of people are at risk in the biscuit factory like Parle G's. The farmer has been crying for the last five years, there is a buzz in the markets in the cities. The shopping bus is full of names.

The fact is that the whole of India is crying out due to economic misery. Obviously, this killing is extremely powerful on the majority of the country, Hindu. Because other minorities, especially Muslims, are also marginalized in India's economy. But if the Lok Sabha or anywhere gets an assembly election tomorrow, the Modi-led BJP will get even more spectacular success. After all, what is amazing is that Modi is touching the hearts and minds even by kicking people's stomachs. The thing is straightforward, what happened in Pakistan is happening in India now. Pakistan was formed by the Muslim League, fearing the Hindu majority. However, in Jinnah's speech in the Pakistan National Assembly on August 13, 1947, he openly declared that whatever Hindu-Muslim hatred was born in Pakistan at the time of partition was a past. In the future of Pakistan, every Hindu-Muslim citizen of Pakistan will have equal rights. But Jinnah's dream of a secular Pakistan became shattered as his eyes closed. Today Pakistan is running in the name of jihad and terrorism in the name of Indian hatred. There, the life of the people is hell and the army is still echoing in the name of Kashmir.

Singh and Narendra Modi have adopted the same Pakistan model to cover the hearts and minds of the Hindu people. The difference is that there is a net of hatred between Hindus and Hindus, and Muslim and Pakistan are being used as a sting of hatred. The first was that 'Modi will fix Muslim' and now 'Modi is fixing Pakistan'. Since eliminating Article 370 in Kashmir and 'teaching a lesson' in Pakistan, Singh and the BJP have been delivering the same political message that Modi is now fixing Pakistan.

The role of Singh in this regard is his own place, but the media and especially the TV who are playing the role of anger in delivering the message of BJP and Modi to fix Pakistan, are simply amazing in themselves. Is. If you consider, you will clearly understand that the daytime prime time debate on TV is a psychological war between India and Pakistan on a psychological level. In it, a Joker type of Muslim personality is set up to look and be a Muslim, but he is evil and looks backward.

 The Hindu Party has somehow invaded it. First, the Muslim Party, with its stupid argument, confronts Hindu aggression. During this debate, the anchor beautifully adds to the Hindu-Muslim tension. The effect of this action on the TV show viewers is that the viewer's emotions also gradually flare up on a psychological level. Finally, the nose of the Muslim party is rubbed and the Hindu party is the winner. Meanwhile, as the show ends, the Hindu audience feels that they have finally won. And most of the country, every day, always loses its livelihood problems by losing the war to Pakistan or sometimes defeating the Indian Muslim. And Modi and the BJP keep voting for him as their messiah.

This is the same politics that has been going on in the name of Hindus and Hindus in Pakistan for decades without knowing it. The same politics is happening in India now. In India, Modi's name is now ringing in the name of Muslims and Pakistan. Pakistan got engulfed in this politics and a bowl of aid came in the hands of its prime minister. If the Indian economy is the same after that, then India will also have to depend on aid.

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